Calidad de vida para el adulto mayor

movilidad del adulto mayor

movilidad del adulto mayor

Mobility of the elderly Active and healthy aging

Mobility of the elderly Ensuring the QUALITY OF LIFE of the elderly is our main objective and for this at UltraMed we have the following AME formula that represents the following points:

  1. AUTONOMY- The patient must be able to carry out their daily activities independently. Functional impairment may be a factor that predisposes mortality in older patients. At this point it is also necessary to evaluate external and environmental factors as well as the architectural barriers that challenge you on a daily basis. 
  2. MOBILITY- Mobility is a key element of quality of life. Movement and activity is the way in which an older adult integrates into the family, social, cultural and even professional sphere. 
  3. EMOTIONAL, SOCIAL AND PSYCHOLOGICAL – An independent older adult with minimal physical deterioration is also healthier on an emotional, psychological and social level.

Evaluation and diagnosis of the elderly

movilidad del adulto mayor Through the functional assessment of the elderly we measure the following factors: 

  1. The ability to carry out daily life activities autonomously in their own habitat
  2. Functional impairment status 
  3. Health problems 
  4. Immobility and instability 
  5. Intellectual, emotional and social impairment

According to health organizations, activities are classified into basic, instrumental and advanced activities of daily living (AVDB, AVDI and AADL), 

AVDB are the most basic and self-care activities such as eating, using the bathroom, toilet training, dressing, walking, etc. The deterioration of these activities occurs inversely to their acquisition during their development in childhood. 

IADLs refer to the independence that a person has to relate to the environment. 

AADL are more complex activities that are associated with leisure, religious, sports activities as well as work and transportation. 

Design of personalized treatment for the elderly

The previous analysis allows us to design a specific PHYSIOTHERAPY TREATMENT and a PERSONALIZED EXERCISE REGIME for each patient that optimizes their autonomy, mobility and physical stability.

The issue of pain is also addressed to try to eliminate or reduce it. As well as recommendations on external, environmental and architectural factors. 

The formula for success with our seniors at UltraMed is as follows

Physiotherapy + Personalized Exercise Regimen + Massage Therapy + Patient Habitat Analysis

Monitoring and follow-up of treatment evolution

We quantify the patient’s weekly progress to show their evolution.

Starting from the patient’s initial condition, we monitor their progress in order to make “fine adjustment” to the treatment and make the patient’s positive development more efficient.